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Determine Draw Length

  • Posted on
  • By Marcus

A guide on determining your draw length

Choosing a bow, especially a compound bow, will sometimes come down to what your draw length is. 

The best way is usually trial and error and sometimes help from a coach or our staff members. In some cases though you may want a rough idea while determining what bow you want to choose. 

So how do you determine this?

Wingspan Method

We find the easiest method to get people started is the wingspan method. It's not 100% perfect, but will get you pretty close. 
To use this method:
• Spread your arms out to your side as shown in the illustration
• Have someone measure from finger tip to finger tip across your body. It's easiest to measure in inches. 
• Take that number and using a calculator divide by 2.5
• This would be a good starting point

Wingspan measurement of 70 inches would be a draw length of 28"

Note: In our experience this will be a touch short. (around 1/4") however will get you close. 


On the Bow Measurement

How the actual draw length on a bow is measured is done using the AMO standard. 
This is done by measuring from the inside of the nock goose of you arrow to the pivot point (deepest part) of the grip then adding 1.75inches. 

On many bows the pivot point lines with the arrow rest hole, however this is not always the case so don't assume before checking. 

Measuring from the nock groove to the pivot point coming out at 26.25inches would mean a 28in draw length bow.