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Carbon Express Spine and Size Information

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Carbon Express Spine and Size Information

Long time users of Carbon Express Arrows will notice that spines displayed on the shafts are changing. 

For years the CX hunting and larger diameter target arrows ran their own spine numbers. While their number system was logical it was always difficult to explain to people who were coming from other brands that ran the Easton spine measurement system.

Here is what the CX shafts related to:

CX Predators Carbon Express Conventional
  450 300
60-75 350 340
45-60 250 400
30-50 150 500
20-40 90 600
  75 700

In 2019 the new CX hunting arrows were coming with their traditional spine rating and the conventional spine also listed.

Now in 2020 the new CX Triad is being sold in the conventional spine rating. 300, 350 and 400 with 400 being the weakest spine. 

This means if you want a heavy spine CX Triad the 300 will be a stiffer spine than the 350. 

It's a good move by CX and will make choosing arrow spines a little easier. 

Also note that CX Nano and Medallion target arrow lines have been using the conventional spine system and that is unchanged.