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Pilla Eyewear

Developed by archers, for archers.

The Pilla Archery system was designed in tandem with World Champions Erika Jones, Braden Gellenthien, and Martin Damsbo making it the only frame and lens system in the world specifically designed by Archers for Archers. This patented "Dead Center" technology is the only archery-specific lens science on the market available.

Pilla has created a variety of frame geometries with no nose piece, offering the archer a zero-obstruction visual through the nasal part of the glasses. This is critical for archers who, until now, have had to remove their sunglasses because of frame and nose obstruction, even when shooting in bright conditions. When an archer has to remove their eyewear to shoot, the eye is shocked by the sudden change in light, limiting the ability to remain relaxed and focused. The use of an optically correct system, designed for sunny to low-light conditions, manages the performance of the most critical element of your equipment: your eye. Watch what Archer PJ Deloche says about using the new Progressive Lenses.

All Pilla lenses developed by ZEISS are treated with a state-of-the-art, anti-reflective coating which removes all glare and visual noise from the archer’s vision. Consistent light into the eye means arrow impacts never vary. No more lefts and rights, and no more eye fatigue. PILLA ZEISS lenses are optically perfect, with more than twice the clarity of an average sunglass. The lens is precise so no matter where you look through the lens suface, the target does not shift.

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