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Hinge Releases

Hinge releases, also known as Back Tension releases, have been around for as long as release aids have. The early versions were just simple hooks, but worked the same way. 

Hinge releases don't use triggers, instead they rely on a transfer of weight from your index finger to your middle finger. Because of this they are a very natural way of executing and can really help in learning good technique. 
Be aware however there can be a bit of a learning curve to them, but it's worth it. 
Here is a Facebook video by George Ryals on getting started with a Hinge.

There are alot of misconceptions with hinge releases, such as you can't hunt with them (you certainly can) and can't use them well in the wind (again, you can). Don't let that discourage you though. Most good shooters either use hinges or practice with them. 

For those that worry about using them there are models with safeties and also just about all have an option for a click, which works like a safety. 
All our staff use hinge releases and we can give you advise on getting started and also help with any issues you come across. 

Here is a great match between two of the best hinge shooters in the world. Chris Perkins and Jesse Broadwater. Enjoy. 



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