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IFAA Faces

IFAA (International Field Archery Association) is a world wide field and indoor archery format. IFAA features marked field rounds, marked animal rounds, 3D rounds and indoor rounds. It is the International association that ABA in Australia is affiliated with and also the NFAA in the USA (known for running The Vegas Shoot). 

The IFAA Field round consist of 2 x 14 Target courses (can be 28 different or 14 shot twice). 

The Black and White targets are the Standard Round. The Black Centre dot is scored 5, the all white area  outside is scored 4 and the outer black rings 3. 

The Black Targets with the White Centre are the Hunter Round. The White Centre is scored 5 and the 2 outer black rings are scored 4 and 3. 

Indoor Rounds use either a Single Spot or Five Spot and is shot at 20yards (approx 18m)
For the 5 spot the White is scored 5 and the Blue is scored 4. The internal ring in the white is scored 5 but counted as "X" for count backs. Hitting outside of the 4 is a Miss. 

On the Single indoor face the Scoring is: X(5), 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Miss. 

For the Rules see here. 

Face Size Standard IFAA 14 targets Hunter 14 targets
65cm 4 faces 3 faces
50cm 5 faces 5 faces
35cm 4 x 4 faces 5 x 4 faces
20cm 1 x 4 faces 1 x 4 faces

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