Easton ProComp Shafts

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Highest quality and high performance normally come with a price tag to match.  Well, not any more.  Easton’s new A/C PROCOMP arrow is now available for compound target and field competition. The light-weight, high speed, parallel design PROCOMP is designed for archers looking to boost scores at competitive and club-level compound events.  The PROCOMP was proven at high level tournament circuits in the 2018 season by World Champions, Steve Anderson and Braden Gellenthien, taking five World Archery podiums, with yet another at the first event of the 2019 World Cup season.  The 4MM PROCOMP features Easton’s unmatched spine accuracy and precision weight accuracy using our exclusive, high-modulus carbon and super-strong alloy core construction.  Compatible with most 4 mm Easton components including direct-fit G-Nocks and DEEP-SIX nocks (recommended for high-energy compound cam systems).  See chart below for details on compatible point and pin nock systems. Available spine sizes: 300, 340, 380, 420, 470, 520, and 570.  All PROCOMP shafts come in a factory-sealed 12 pack with a +/-1-grain weight tolerance within each dozen.  Straightness .0015″ or better. MADE IN USA.


  Available in spine sizes 300, 340, 380, 420, 470, 520, and 570.



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