Uukha Xpro2 27in

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Thanks to the new set of bolts and bushings made of 7075 aluminium alloy, we could reduce the mass weight of the riser, at 1125 g it is one of the strongest, stiffest and lightest risers available today.


  • Archers preferring a lighter riser will appreciate the lower mass weight and enjoy more control and comfort shot after shot without fatigue.


  • Archers looking for weight induced stability will be able to add weights at the ends, on dedicated 5/16" bushings (or on the stabilizer). The riser is stiff enough to carry a substantial add of weight without any deformation during arrow release. Definitely a better alternative to heavy risers (evenly distributed weight) to maximize inertias.



The use of Monolith C and HM Technology expertly applied in our riser, gives archers the best materials ever used to make a riser. Carbon is light and unlike aluminium risers, the flex can be controlled for better performance, vibration dampening and giving a great feeling to the shot.

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