TruGlo Carbon Hybrid Sight

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With TRU•FUSION™ HYBRID TECHNOLOGY, the CARBON HYBRID™ is the first and only archery sight constructed with the optimum combination of carbon composites and aluminum, providing an excellent strength-to-weight ratio and unparalleled durability. Combined with TRUGLO's TRU•TOUCH™ coating, the CARBON HYBRID™ is the new standard for ultra lightweight, multi-pin archery sights. Lightweight carbon composite and aluminum construction Hybrid construction transfers less vibration Unique metal pin design for increased durability and brightness Extra-long fibers for maximum brightness Extra-long bracket increases sight radius Reversible bracket for increased vertical adjustment range For both right and left handed shooters TG7515B, TG7515J and TG7515L - Micro-adjustable TG7415B - Standard adjustment Patent pending
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