Truball Global Swivel Strap

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Too much odor coming from your wrist strap and it's scaring away the deer? It may be time to replace your wrist strap with a new one! You may also need a new strap if yours is showing signs of heavy wear. The Globo Swivel strap will work with current models including the Center X G1 or G2 releases, Fang GS, Assassin models, The Beast models, as well as some older popular models such as the Tornado. This strap allows you to extend your release head 5 extensions which is great if you have longer fingers. Fold back the release at the base of the strap to get the release out of the way when climbing the treestand. This strap also features a 360 degree swivel which allows for a wide range of movement from side to side. Just choose between Black Buckle, Black SpeedBuckle, Black Velcro® or Camo Velcro® styles. Choose bewtween Junior (JR), Large (L), and Extra Large (XL). Not sure which strap you need? Check here: Check out your size here:
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