Total Peep Hip Quiver Support for Bow Quivers

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The must have for stalking bowhunters. The new Total Peep Hip Quiver Support is designed to carry any quiver in your hip easily and quietly, giving you the option to quickly remove the quiver from the bow to carry it on your hip for easier stalking and steadier shooting.
Main advantages:
Reduce weight and wind influence in your bow.
Ultra light and made of high resitance polyamide. Matte black color.
Compatible with any sight-mounted quiver in the market, by just attaching with a bolted connection an extra quiver bracket to the Total Peep Quiver Support.
Can also be attached to your backpack, providing you another alternative to carry your quiver away from your bow.
The height position is easily adjusted and the angle orientation can be moved by hand to adapt to the situation, like sitting, crawling or standing.

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