Specialty Excaliber Lens

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1.345" Excalibur Lens for 040-1, 040-3, and 040-5 ScopesSKU: 70XT All Excalibur lenses are produced from a Plano Convex glass, optically centered, and have anti-reflective coating. The Excalibur Lenses continue to be a dominate force in target archery. The Super Scope lens size is 1.345" (approximately 1 3/8") and weighs 100gr. For use with the 040-1, 040-1BLK, 040-3, and 040-5 scopes. - See more at: http://www.specialtyarch.com/products-page/lenses/excalibur-lenses/1-345-excalibur-lens-for-040-1-040-3-and-040-5-scopes/#sthash.ZslFXmko.dpuf
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