Shrewd S2 Short Stabilizer

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  • S2 Series Stabilizers ( .630” O.D.) – Includes 3 – 1 ounce stainless steel weights, 2 – 1/3 ounce aluminum weights – Utilizes High Modulus Carbon, Truss Dampening System and uses 5/16” – 24 Threads.
  • Constructed of a high modulus carbon spun off from the RevX project, the S2 series stabilizers are built on a .630” diameter carbon platform fully capable of dominating podiums around the world.
  • The S2 series stabilizers feature Shrewd’s proprietary Truss Dampening System and are designed to provide the dampening abilities that Shrewd stabilizers are known for.
  • The S2 stabilizer is a high performance stabilizer designed to break records, not your bank account.
  • Stabilizer length measured from end cap to end cap, does not include stabilizer weights.
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