Saunders Firing Line Release Trainer

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Release Checker & Training Aid Firing-Line is the ultimate training tool for archers. 
So compact, it stows in a brief case...perfect for practicing anywhere, anytime. With quick draw-length adjustment, its great for warming up, tuning a release or muscles.
Even better, it can overcome everyone's panic.
Never worry about throwing an arrow...just aim and practice the perfect release, time-after-time. With each smooth and quiet shot you burn-in muscle memory so when its the real thing, you burn-in the x-ring.
Adjusts from 32 3/8 inch to 24 inch draw length by positioning the handle. Now with the new optional weight set its even better. Clip on three pounds of weight...close your eyes, draw and'll swear it's a real bow and so will your muscles. Firing-Line...The place to practice.  Release aids not included

Medium -26lbs model stocked, all others by special order only 

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