Rinehart 18-1 Target

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Introducing the longest lasting, easy-pull target available on the planet!
This target shows you its best side every time and is the longest lasting archery target Rinehart have ever offered.

They even guarantee the 18-1 for a full year! Featuring 18 vivid target zones, made from Rinehart's legendary solid "self-healing foam", the 18-1 target is always ready to show archers and bowhunters its "best side" and can take arrow after arrow without losing its shape or integrity but still has easy arrow pull. If you do shoot out a section, just rotate it to a new target zone with new foam.

The Rinehart 18-1 target is weather proof and resistant to sun, moisture and extreme temperatures - so it's ready anytime you are.
The 18-1 is lightweight and easy to transport, with its own easy to carry handle, making it perfect for practice almost anywhere, at the club, in the backyard, out in the field, or even a quick practice session at your hunting camp spot. Whether shooting field points, fixed blade or even expandable broadheads, the combination of solid Rinehart self-healing foam and 18 individual target zones, make this the most versatile, longest lasting target ever offered.
Rinehart is so confident in the durability and performance of their18-1 target, they're offering an industry first - a full one year guarantee on this target that if all 18 sides are shot out in less than a year, Rinehart will replace the target - no other manufacturer has offered a warranty on an archery target.
This target is so tough, if you manage to shoot out all 18 sides within one year of the purchase date, Rinehart will replace it - hassle free!
That's right, just take your target back to the original point of purchase and Rinehart will replace it - guaranteed!
Rinehart stands up to clubs, trucks and more Rinehart 3D targets not only withstand the near continuous abuse of club and competition shooting, they've even been thrown under semi-trailers and run over repeatedly - on purpose - to see how they survive.
The result? A little dust and dirt, but no damage to the target. It's no wonder that archery clubs across America and around the world are making the switch to nearly indestructible Rinehart 3D targets to get the most "arrow time" and value from their target investment.
Guaranteed for a full year! 18 sides to shoot Easy arrow removal No layers or fillers For field points or broadheads Lightweight, easy to carry Integrated rope carry handle included Legendary self-healing foam Perfect for practicing anywhere Great for field points Rinehart quality through and through The best archery targets in the world Rinehart Targets wins gold in Bowhunting World's Readers Choice Award for 3D Line Rinehart Targets wins gold in Inside Archery's 2010 Best Buy Winner for foam targets Dimensions 15" high x15" wide x15" deep. Weight 14 lbs or 6.35kgs. Rinehart 18-1 the only target guaranteed for a full year!

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