Redback Recurve String

RedBack Performance Strings are your opportunity to take your archery to a level you have never experienced before. 

Strings are possibly the most underrated aspect of accuracy. They are the connection between the bow and the arrow. Their consistency dictates how well the bow works shot after shot. 

They can be the most variable aspect of your gear, but they don’t have to be. With care, knowledge and  hardwork you can produce a set of strings that will perform flawlessly time and time again. Or you can simply purchase them from a company that is prepared to do that for you already. Redback Performance Strings is that company. 

Using top of the line BCY string materials, built with top of the range string jig technology and with the knowledge of a multiple Australian champion and Olympian David Anear, RedBack Performance Strings check all the boxes needed to take your equipment to the next level.

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