Last Chance Vane Master Pro

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The LCA VMP is guaranteed with our LCA lifetime warranty. If you have any problems, you ship any LCA product back to us, and we'll repair it and ship it back same day. As for the features of the ALL NEW VMP. You can consistently/precisely fletch any size arrow shaft with a 0-5 degree helical left or right. It has the ability to repeat itself every time! With the adjustment pin, you can set the jig in whichever helical setting you like, and then go back to that same setting at a later date. You can consistently get your vanes to lay perfectly flat with the use of the wire based clamp instead of being solid like the other clamps with other jigs. The advantages to the wires, they'll contour to the arrow when you fletch allowing the vane to lay perfectly flat every time. The wires have a heat shrunk coating over them that no glue will stick to. You can run glue all over the wires, take a rag, and wipe it right off 10 minutes after it's dried. You can swap between a 27 series, to a 23 series, down to a nano pro and it's always going to be perfectly center with little to no adjustmen whatsoever. This jig is the most consistent and precise on the market today!
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