Last Chance Tungsten 3oz Weight

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Would you like to cut your stabilizer weight length by 2/3? By using the LCA tungsten stabilizer weights you can do just that! These weights are the same size overall as a standard 1oz. stainless steel weight, but when put on a scale they come out to an impressive 3oz. This gives you the ability to cut down your weight length which then cuts down your overall stabilizer length as a whole. The weights are sold individually and the image shown below is comparing 30oz. of Tungsten to 30oz of Stainless Steel.

***Note*** Weights are Not Threaded: 
Weight Cap & Stud is required to hold the non threaded tungsten weights onto your stabilizer rods. You can also use your rubber stabilizer dampener to act as a cap on your front or side bar to hold your weights onto your threaded stud.

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