Hoyt Torrex RTS Package

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Tec-Lite riser aids low mass weight for a bow that is easy to handle.
Utilises popular Cam & 1/2 technologRotating module design for easy adjustment.
Long draw length range to suit the needs of a broad selection of archers.
Complete package of accessories included.
Designed for best performance on a lower budget.
Technical specifications:
Material: Tec-Lite Alloy
Axle-to-axle: 30.75"
Bracing height: 7"
Poundage options: 40lbs,   50lbs, 60lbs & 70lbs
Mass weight: 1724
Draw length options: 26-30"
Speed rating: 325   fps (ATA)
Cam: Torrex   Cam 1/2
Limb: R
Included items: ProFire   5-pin sight, Maxxis 4-arrow quiver, QAD hunter drop   away rest, wrist   sling and peep.
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