Hamskea G-Flex Full Capture

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With the serious hunter in mind, the G-Flex Full Capture launcher contains elements that have been tested in the most demanding of hunting conditions. Made of durable composite material, the G-Flex™ Full Capture Launcher is a lightweight option that is 76% lighter than the Overmolded Launcher that comes standard on our Hybrid Hunter Pro™ and Trinity Hunter Pro™ Arrow Rests. With its composite construction, the G-Flex™ Full Capture Launcher won’t rust or bend like other steel launchers on the market. No matter the weather, you can be confident that your launcher will be consistent even after the abuse a season can bring. Featuring our patent-pending Gradient Flex Technology, the launcher has added strength where needed while still offering ultimate forgiveness at the shot. The thicker base provides a solid mounting surface that will take the abuses that often come with pursuing the trophy of a lifetime. At the mounting area, the G-Flex™ Launcher features a standard spacing two-hole design that is compatible with today’s most popular arrow rests while also featuring our Self-Centering Technology. By pairing tapered mounting holes with flush fit screws, we were able to increase the contact area of the mounting screw while also creating a centering system that will give you a consistent launcher position.
Why G-Flex?
Durable composite material
Reduces launcher oscillation and recovers quicker
Not as sensitive to temperature changes
Lighter weight than steel blades
Gradient Flex Technology
Thick Base
Eliminates the need for a backer plate when shooting in Limb Driven.
Eliminates stress fractures common with spring steel launchers
Thinner Flex Zone
Allows the launcher to work with the arrow and not against it by flexing at the arrow nodes during the shot.
Counteracts any shooter flaws that could be put into the shot.
Self-Centering Technology
Standard two-hole spacing to fit the majority of rests on the market.
Flush-fit screws pair up with the tapered mounting holes for increased mounting surface area and a repeatable launcher position.

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