Easton X27 Shafts

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Easton x27 Arrows
Easton x27 Arrows

The legendary Easton X27 has been refreshed for 2020!  Answering the requests of top archers worldwide, we’ve updated the all-silver look of the X23/27 series shafts with a hard-coat black Diamond Polished anodize finish.

The sleek, classic, diamond polished anodize silver finish of the X27’s tail end is distinctive on the line and in your quiver, while the deep black haricot finish on the front provides for easier scoring.

The World-Record-Setting, 100% Made-in-the-USA X27’s are, hands-down, the most precise arrows ever made—featuring the highest standards for world-ranked tournament archers.  With the most exacting spine, weight, and straightness of any arrow, the X-Series has the precision that gives competitors an edge to pick up the few extra points needed to win at the highest levels of tournament competition.

The X27 is the perfect teammate where regulations allow a maximum diameter 27-class shaft, such as at The Vegas Shoot.

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