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Mechanical broadheads are often viewed as the best broadhead by many of the best bowhunters. This style of broadhead is locked in the closed position and only opens after contact with the game animal. For this reason, mechanical broadheads are the most accurate shooting archery broadheads on the market. Among the brands of mechanical broadheads, Swhacker is the best expandable broadhead in the industry. Swhacker’s 100gr broadhead, made by Swhacker, often referred to as the green broadheads, were the first and perhaps still the most popular mechanical broadhead made by Swhacker broadheads.

Swhacker broadheads are the best expandable broadheads because of their two-slice technology. The wingblades of the swhacker broadheads take all the punishment as they cut through the first layer of hide, fat and bone. These cut-on-contact broadheads are the best mechanical broadheads to slice through this tough first layer. As the wingblades of the Swhacker mechanical broadheads pass through this first layer, they cause the razor sharp main blades to open inside the body cavity of the game animal. This two-slice technology, introduced by Swhacker broadheads, allows the main blades to stay surgically sharp and undamaged, opening to their full cutting diameter as they slice through internal organs, creating massive internal hemorrhaging. This massive amount of internal bleeding is what makes Swhacker broadheads the best mechanical broadheads on the market. And as the entire 100 gr broadhead exits the animal, the green broadhead delivers an unmistakable blood trail that is easy to follow. If there were ever broadheads that performed like a broadhead bullet, the green broadheads from Swhacker broadheads would be the answer.

With so many mechanical broadheads on the market, Swhacker broadheads stand out as the easy choice as the best mechanical broadhead, year after year. Since introducing the 100gr mechanical broadheads, often referred to as the green broadheads, Swhacker broadheads has introduced many new varieties of mechanical broadheads. The different models of Swhacker broadheads vary by grain weight and cutting diameter. Most of the 100gr broadheads offer either a 1.75-inch cutting diameter or a 2-inch cutting diameter. The ferrules of these best mechanical broadheads are made from aircraft aluminum, making them extremely durable for an archery broadhead. The stainless-steel main blades of the Swhacker broadheads are surgically sharp right out of the package and ready to hunt. Three mechanical broadheads are included in each package of 100gr broadheads.

Swhacker broadheads also make mechanical broadheads that are 125 grains and 150 grains. The cutting diameters of these archery broadheads range from 2-inches, to 2.5-inches, all the way up to a full 3-inches. All Swhacker broadheads provide a cut on contact broadhead tip, made of hardened steel, that punches right through the tough outer layer of hide, fat, muscle and even bone. This cut on contact broadhead tip ensures the archery broadhead does not deflect off bone, allowing bowhunters using these best mechanical broadheads to take shots at hard angles and still have confidence that they will get full penetration from their broadhead and the best chance at a pass-through shot. The importance of a pass-through shot cannot be understated. The retained momentum of the Swhacker broadhead delivers the energy needed to create massive entrance and exit wounds that deliver unmissable blood trails every time.

The combination of superior materials, the industry leading two-slice technology, surgically sharp blades and cut on contact broadhead tip are what make Swhacker broadheads the best mechanical broadheads on the market today for bowhunters. They are the best broadheads for all game animals, including deer, elk, moose, bear, and so much more. When choosing mechanical broadheads, choose Swhacker broadheads for your next hunt.

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