Bohning Blazer Bond 0.5oz

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Blazer® Bond is Bohnings strongest instant glue, formulated for vanes, points, inserts, outserts, and swedged nocks. It works on all shaft types – carbon, aluminum, fiberglass, wood, and wrapped or crested arrows. It’s Bohning’s most liquid instant glue so it has the fastest dry time – just 20 seconds! Blazer® Bond is fully cured in 2 hours, and it works great in any fletching environment, including humid ones.

Use a thin bead of Blazer® Bond for best adhesion.

To prevent Blazer® Bond from drying out prematurely, store it inside a plastic bag/container in a refrigerator NOT containing food or beverages.

  • Vanes, points, inserts, outserts and swedged nocks
  • Cedar, Aluminum, Carbon, Wraps and Fiberglass
  • 20 Seconds clamp time
  • 2 hours cure time 


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