Beiter Winder Profi

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The Winder PROFI has been developed for professional users like dealers, coaches, technicians or service people in archery clubs or the archers that just want to own the best gear.
The Winder PROFI differs from the standard Winder due to the 2 stainless steel rolls which allow extreme use, for example very fast or very strong serving.

All the already known features of the Winder will remain the same also for the Winder PROFI: Easy clip in system for the yarn, extraordinary smooth guidance, unique sliding of the disks, highest precision and guidance, extremely fine adjustable friction and tension, easy and fast exchangeable serving spool...

The Winder PROFI is heavier due to the stainless steel rolls: therefor higher centrifugal forces while working allow tighter serving than with the standard Winder!

The Winder PROFI is an ideal tool for all people making lots of strings and servings and can als be used in combination with the Beiter Twister!

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