Beiter Scope 039

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The Beiter Scope 39 is the "Large Field" Scope, which Werner Beiter developed upon the requests of Compound Archers world-wide, asking for features like a large field of view, more light, variable aiming options, an easy and individual centering of the Peep, an easy exchangeable level

The Beiter Scope 39 is equipped with a ZEISS K-Lens. Beiter is the only manufacturer in Archery using original ZEISS lenses Made in Germany!

ZEISS K-Lenses are available with center hole diam. 1,5mm for the use with Scope Pins or without.

The ZEISS K-Lens is available with following dioptries (magnifications) : +0,25 (~ 2 X) +0,50 (~ 4 X) +0,75 (~ 6 X) +1,00 (~ 8 X) +1,25 (~ 10 X)

Important: The Scope Pin is optional and not included in the Basic Unit! A new concept for the BEITER Scope Ø39 is the Frame System, which adapts the field of view individually to the requested size.

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