Beiter Scope 029 K

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While developing the Beiter Scope Beiter paid attention to the special needs of the archers and the problems they have with existing scopes.
One of the problems is, that an archer has not enough variations within the same product: colour of the scope-body, levels and aiming options with different colours, easy exchangeable and re-positionable lenses, etc.
The Beiter Scope is certainly the most versatile on the market, the one with the most interchangeable options.
The Beiter Scope-Body is made out of high quality plastic; it is injected and engaged directly on a steel-thread. Level, Shield for Level, Thread-Ring for Lens, Fluor-Pin and Sight Inserts are easily exchangeable and available in different colours, and can be individually adapted.
The Scope-Body is available in 4 different colours.

The lens is supplied directly by ZEISS, with an extra-coating-process.

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