Beiter In Out X10 Nock - ea

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The Beiter InOut-Nocks fits precisely into the shaft and preserves the shafts end with the bigger outer diameter.The InOut-Nock is available only for selected Aluminum-Carbon shafts, both in the Beiter patented ASYMMETRIC version, as well as in the SYMMETRIC type, for Compound archers using a D-Loop. Some features of the Beiter InOut-Nock, that distinguish them from other makes: Each Nock size has only one single mould. This offers highest precision and lowest tolerances. Every single InOut-Nock comes out of the same cavity. The Nock does not pinch on the nocking point, it rests there with a spring effect. The working life is much higher and, very important, the Beiter Nock guarantees constant release from the bowstring, shot after shot. The Beiter InOut-Nock is available as asymmetric or symmetric (Hunter). To ensure that a Beiter Asymmetric Nock is placed correctly, control that the notch for the nocking point looks to the front of the arrow. The Beiter InOut Nock can be shot without problem with all known nocking points; but the Beiter nocking point is the ideal partner for any asymmetric Beiter Nock.
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