Beiter Scope Frame Kit

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Several archers worldwide asked for an aiming option, which is reducing the outer diameter of the field of view. Due to the different available diameters of the Beiter Scope 29 Frame Kit, this is now possible. World Class Compound archer Karina Marshall - AUS - was active part in this new development: "I am able to aim without a dot! I can now circle the target!" she says. So you can use the Frame Kit to aim or simply to reduce the field of view in your Beiter Scope 29mm. The Frame Kit for Scope 29mm is available in 4 colours - Black, Red, White and Yellow - and it includes 4 Frames in following diameters: 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20mm. Scope not included. You will require the Beiter 29 Scope for this product, scope not included.
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