UltraView Funky Finger

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Such a small product, yet such a huge advantage. As the archer only touches two parts of the bow its crucial that both contact points are as comfortable and consistent as possible. The UltraGrip provides this with complete customizability of the grip and the Funky Finger provides you with an extra step of adjustment with the T.R.U. Ball Flex edition releases. Not only is the ring finger hook smaller so it can fit your finger more consistently each time translating to better shot execution, but it is set an extra 10º back from the max setting on the stock Flex adapter. This extra 10º offset allows for a more relaxed hand which also aids in helping your shot execution.

Which To Buy?

To Change your Release into a 2 Finger Version, buy the 2 finger model
To Change your Release into a 3 Finger Version, buy the 3 Finger Model
To Change your Release into a 4 Finger Version, buy the 4 Finger Model
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