Trufire Hardcore Revolution Camo

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Trigger travel adjustment
Trigger tension adjustment separate from trigger travel
360 degree head rotation
Rotates on 11 ball bearings
Removable loop retainer
Fits both right and left hands
16 position trigger
The Hardcore 4 Finger Revolution incorporates all the great features from the Hardcore 4 Finger with revolutionary new features. The 360 Degree head rotation can now be locked into any of the 360 degree positions. An 11 ball bearing system ensures smooth rotation of the head. The trigger knob can be located in 1 of 16 different positions. Both the trigger tension and travel can be adjusted independently with just the turn of a separate set screw. This release also features an adjustable lanyard so you can keep the release on at all times if you wish.

| Ian Klauss 05-02-2020 14:47

IMHO an this is an outstanding release. Fits my size large hand like a glove, and the finger groove spacing and radius is a natural fit across my entire hand. It instantly increased my ability to comfortably pull higher poundage above what I could with a wrist release. It is also completely silent in operation as there is no cocking required to get it on the D loop, and upon release it is totally silent as well. The free spinning ball bearing single claw head removes any tendency to twist the D loop and induce torque on the shooting string, and as such my shots accuracy instantly improved as well. The only way it can make a sound is if you drop it, which is going to be hard as the wrist strap is adjustable, and it hangs comfortably all day and is at the ready with just a slight flick of the wrist. This thing is a must for hunting or targetry (which is a word I just made up). I can't imagine it wearing out in years of service, as it is also built like a tanks. And everyone who has seen it, and tried it, likes it.

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