Shrewd Nomad Scope

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This 35mm scope is 42mm on the lens side (away from you eye), tapered down to a 35mm ID. Designed to accept all existng Nomad / 3DXL2 standard lens, but having the advantage of a smaller window.

Lens and sunshades can be attached either in the front or the back of the scope.

Machined groove on the front of the scope body allows for fiber tube to be neatly wraped around the scope.

Scope lenses are available in 2X through 8X sized to fit both housings and are glass lenses, ground in the USA, secured permanently in an aluminum housing to make removing and replacing your lens simple and accurate.

Totally CNC machined from 6061 aluminum. 

Microsight pin, machined from 11L17 steel for durability. Machined to a small .012" throat for minimal target obstruction. 

Large 3/8" diameter levels

Sight pins may be shot in any of sixteen (eight on the back & eight on the front), according to the shooter's preference.

All Shrewd scopes are machined with a recessed hex to adapt to a standard round, hex or square scope mounting rod. This feature is designed so the scope will not rotate on the mounting bracket.

If the scope is to be mounted this way, the included 10/32 rod and nut must be removed first, and the use the enclosed shorter 10/32 button head cap screw to mount directly to the scope rod.

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