Pilla Panther 3 Mask Kit

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Panther X2A for Archery features state-of-the-art mechanical engineering. The customized temple adjustment is married to our patented snap-tech interchangeable lens system. It features 20mm of adjustment utilizing a rubber co-injected temple geometry. The high performance rubber has a titanium inner core that slides over a gator tooth notching system. This new adjustable technology utilizes Pilla's new patented fork balancing system. The fork provides a counter balance to the front of the frame. It creates a wonderful cradling of the head to provide maximum comfort as the majority of all the weight on the nose is reduced. We have removed the nosepiece in our Archery systems, which allows the archer to see through the nasal part of the mask with absolutely no visual interuption. *Dead Center (blue) lenses filter red light, and are not approved for use as driving glasses.*
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