Last Chance Archery Bow Weight Scale HS3

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The archery market has never seen a scale this precise, accurate, or dependable. The HS3 is the perfect tool for checking any bows peak weight and holding weight. With new weight functions, including a luggage/fish function, this model is the most diverse of its kind. The HS3 has a +/- accuracy 20% higher than any standard scale and 10% higher than our HS2 scale model.


• Precise, Accurate, Dependable

• LED digital display (#3,#4)

• PEAK / HOLD weight function (#3)

• Luggage / Fish weight function (#4)

• Strong and durable up to 110lbs (#2)

• Reads weight measurements in lbs or kg (#3,#4)

• Newly designed hook for attachment to any loop (#2,#5)

• Newly designed handle for a balanced hold and a universal fit (#1,#2,#5)

• 20% more accurate than a standard weight scale. 10% more accurate than the HS2 model.

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