Gillo Ghost Riser

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  • 19” length
  • ILF limbs compatible
  • Milled from an Aluminum 6061 T6 bar
  • Matte surface anodized colors
  • Limbs alignment system
  • Titanium Black color electro plated limbs bolts
  • Stainless steel front long rod bushing, 5/16-24 tapped
  • Special “Root finish” Wood Grip
  • Wooden side pugs, Root finish, to cover holes for additional weights
  • Compatible with all G1 riser grips
  • 1x front stabilizer bushings, Stainless Steel, 5/16-24 threaded
  • Approx. 1240gr total
  • G05-WS-01 Side wood grip plates included, to shoot without grip
  • GRS-03 riser protecting sleeve included
  • Available colors: Dark Green (GR), Grey (GY), Black (BK), Bronze (BZ)
  • Packing includes warranty card, manual, 5 Allen wrenches
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