Quest Thrive RTS Package

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The incredible Quest Thrive now comes in a Ready to Shoot Package. 
Quest Thrive Compound bow. 
G5 5 pin sight with toolless adjustment and sight light. 
G5 HeadLoc Quiver
Whisker Biscuit Rest
G5 Stabilizer
G5 Bow Sling
4 Carbon Express Wolverine Arrows
Wrist release (Allen or Trufire Patriot)

The Quest Thrive as all the quality of a top line bow but without the hefty price tag. The Thrive sports an 82X aluminum riser, Flexis cable guard system, and all the speed and comfort of a high end bow.

Axle to Axle • 33.75″
Brace Height • 7″
Draw Length • 26″-31″ (1/2 inch increments)
Draw Weight • 50, 60, 70 lbs.
IBO Speed • 328 fps.
Mass Weight • 4.3 lbs. (out of the box)

The All New Thrive features an 82X aluminum riser that has a specific stiffness to weight ratio that is higher than any other aluminum in the industry.

The Flux cams have a buttery smooth draw cycle, yet still maintains its performance. This modular based cam comes with adjustable limb stops.

The Flexis AR is an adjustable flexing cable guard designed to reduce excess side load from the cables. The Flexis AR can be fine tuned to any arrow and fletching combination.

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