FV VerdePlus Lens

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Introduced in 2009, this lens is our latest offering in a plano-convex lens. The advanced design combines superior Zeiss supplied glass, the latest Zeiss AR coating, and Zeiss manufacturing technology to provide an exceptionally clear lens. The advanced Zeiss coating provide a 99.98% light transmission capability and hydrophobic (water hating) qualities. An oleophobic coating repels fingerprints, grease, dust, and dirt and makes the lens easy to clean. This advanced coating along with a higher hardness rating combine to provide enhanced durability. Offered lens powers are0.25 - 2x 0.37 - 3x 0.50 - 4x 0.62 - 5x 0.75 - 6x 0.82 - 7x 1.00 - 8x
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