Easton Triumph Shaft

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Triumph is engineered for superior accuracy and performance in even the toughest target materials, and every size Triumph is designed at the maximum allowable diameter for World Archery competition. With a choice of four sizes, three nock systems, and five point weights, here’s a Triumph for every competitive bow style and required state of tune. Triumph’s internal armor system provides a natural advantage in terms of front-of-center balance, providing even more stability and accuracy, without compromising dynamic spine. Note: Triumph shafts are precision-cut and squared at the front for optimal point alignment and fit, and should only be cut from the rear before nock system installation and assembly. Cutting the shaft at the point end will reduce the effectiveness of the internal armor system and potentially decrease durability in hard targets. This will void warranty. Cutting Instructions: Use only a high-speed, thin-blade pro shop saw for cutting Triumph shafts. NOTE: Cut shafts ONLY from the rear, designated by the printed gold band. DO NOT cut the end with the aluminium armor core. Point Installation: Triumph shafts are compatible with the use of Easton low-temperature hot melt cement for point installation. Easton recommends use of a gel-type cyanoacrylate for UNI bushing installation, and a small drop of hot melt for installation of PIN Nock adapters.

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