Easton Apollo Arrow Pre Made

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The Easton Carbon Apollo is a product that Easton has been developing for some years in order to come out with a very competitive shaft in the lower priced carbon market.
The Carbon Apollo is designed for the up and coming archer that is on a budget but does want to have real Easton quality!
This shaft features internal fit components (same internal dimensions as Carbon One) and comes in 8 spines from 560 to 1200.
Fletch colours will be sent at random, we do try to keep all arrows the same in each order but may not have your preferred colour available as they come in a mixed bunch from Easton 

Please specify in the notes at checkout if you need large or small groove G Nocks and if you have a preference for point weight.
If no details are given we will use the recommend weight from the easton chart in the photos and nocks fitted by Easton

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