Doinker Tactical Stabilizer

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15.1oz The Doinker Tcatical, our newest member to our fully adjustable stabilizer line. This stabilizer is a Off-set mounted stabilizer that will take the weight of your sight, quiver and rest and counter balance it effectivly. If you just want to give your bows balance a direction to better slow down the movement of your bow back at draw, there is no easier way to do this. This is the most Modular stabilizer in the world.....move all the items around for that perfect feeing!Included: - Tactical mount w/bolt - (2) 1 1/8" Fully Adjustable Doinker Supremes. - (2) GEN 5 Doinker Conversion on the Doinker Supremes for MAXIMUM Vibration dampening. - (2) Carbon extensions in two different lengths so you can tune balance better.
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