CX Wolverine Hunter - ea

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Delivering high end performance for a budget price, the Wolverine arrow by Carbon Express is a fantastic choice to get you into the sport of bowhunting.

This arrow has it all, consistency, great looks, durability and brilliant value for money 

Stocked in one size suitable for bows from 55-70lbs the Wolverine has an attractive camo arrow wrap and is fletched with high profile, two inch vanes. The arrow has a stock length of 30 inches with the insert pre-installed in the factory.

Carbon Express Wolverine arrows

  • Factory fletched with 2 inch high profile, high performance Carbon Express Assault Vanes
  • Launch Pad precision nocks factory installed
  • Inserts are pre-installed.
  • Points NOT included ( available separately)

    Please note, the fletches on these arrows may be a little curled due to them being packed quite tightly from the factory - dipping them in some really hot water will straighten them out well.
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