CX F-15 Broadheads

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Hunters seeking the latest advances in arrow technology have turned to Carbon Express®. Now, we’re bringing our reputation for breakthrough innovation to broadheads with the F-15™ Fixed Blade and F-15™ Expandable – two remarkable feats of engineering and design that will change the world of hunting. Dual Blades: Twice as Deadly The F-15™ is the only broadhead with dual, side-by-side cutting blades. The two razor-sharp blades give you six cutting edges and create up to a 250% greater wound opening than traditional broadheads. This means significantly greater blood loss, a better blood trail and, ultimately, a faster kill. Maximum damage — six cutting edges to create up to a 250% greater wound opening. Creates wide wound channel. Field point accuracy — aerodynamic profile and 100% spin testing enhance precision and greater devastation
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