Sight won't line up with arrow

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A commonly asked question at Urban Archery is "Why does my sight not line up with my arrow? Does it need tuning?"
This is where the customer looks down the arrow, lining it up with the string and notice that their sight pins are to the left of the string (on a RH bow).
Some customers will line the pins up with the arrow and then are perplexed that their arrows impact to the left of the target.

So what's the problem? How do we fix it?

This is actually normal for most compound bows and is caused by torque induced by the cable guard. As the bow draws the forces move back and twist the riser to the right. At full draw this aligns the sight and the arrow. After the arrow had long left the bow the riser has twisted back and the pin is back to the left. 

"That sounds bad! Torque is bad right?"

In this case it's not an issue. A bow can do all sorts of things and as long as it's identical everytime you will group great with it (depending on you of course)

Some of the things companies have done to get around this "issue" are

• Shoot through risers: This stiffen the riser and help reduce the twisting on them. 

• Stiffer riser designs and materials: as above

• Flexible cable guards: As you draw the bow the cable guard bends inwards reducing the side load

• Shoot through cable systems: This removes the cable guard totally, however introduce other potential issues. 

"My bow does it, should I change it?"

No. Every bow with a cable guard does it, and every world record has been shot with a cable guard. It just simply creates this small quirk, however it won't impact your accuracy. Don't sweat it.  

Here is a picture of one of my bows showing that it's normal. The amount your sight is from the arrow can vary with bow design however.