May 2017 Newsletter

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Well we've been super slack with our blog this international indoor season. As you can see we've had to upgrade the website AGAIN. This wasn't planned but like many things that happen we know it will be for the best. We're exciyted by the features this platform will give us and we have programmers working on some upgrades that should land in the next few weeks. These will make the site easier to find items that are in stock. Already we're seeing vast improvements in the shipping and postage system so bare with us as we continue to build on these features.

So what happened this indoor season?

Well first off we saw a nuber of high profile shooters changing brands. The biggest pair were Levi Morgan and Jesse Broadwater moving to Mathews. To coincide with this movement Mathews released a new target bow, the TRX 7 and TRX 8 which both shooters used at Vegas. Both have taken to the bow quickly with Jesse shooting perfect scores at Vegas and the Dakota Classic and Levi leading the ASA shooter of the year standings.
Stephen Hanson from Denmark and Mike Schloeesler from Netherlands continued their form from last year and if anything built on it. Both featured on the podiums regulary and with perfect or close to perfect scores.
This all came to a head at Vegas. Hanson top scored in the qualifications with 900 88X. That's dropping 2 out of the X over three days of shooting. Even more impressive was that he was shooting CX X-Busters which are World Archery sized shafts and not the full size X-Jammers.
Mike and Stephan then were the last two standing in the shootoff at Vegas with Mike winning after Stephan dropped only his third X of the weekend.Mike walked away with $51,000USD plus contingency.
Also at Vegas fellow Dane Tanja Jenson won the womens pro divisions hooting only the 3rd perfect 900 ever in Womens pro. Tanja also shot CX X-Busters for this event and her bow was a Mathews Halon X.

If you want more info on the Vegas shoot history we developed a historic stats website for the event here.

Indoor season starts very soon in Australia so now is the time to get setup with your CX X-Busters and CX X-Jammers for these events. Don't wait till July or you may miss out.

New Stock

One thing that's hot right now is the new Tru-Fire Sear release. With Levi Morgan being a hinge guy and moving to Tru-Fire they have developed a top level hinge release. The Sear offers:
4 sided sear with variable click option.
3 position thumb placement
Weighted brass handle.
Adjustable 4th finger, use as a 3 or 4 finger model.
Fully machined.



Landing Soon

No company revamped their lineup this year like Carbon Express, and its a trend they have been doing for some time. The biggest development in arrow technology in recent years has been the Carbon Express "Red Zone" or "RZ" technology. This Red Zone was made popular on the Maxima Red arrow where the centre Red area of the arrow was a weaker spine to the ends. This keeps the flex at the centre of the arrows and away from the nock and point giving better arrow flight.
All marketing? It can look like that, however this is an arrow that has developed a huge fan base from hunters to target shooters and taken it's fair share of victories.

After competing with the Maxima Red to good success in field archery events I said "If CX makes a Nano version of this it will be the best target arrow without a doubt"
Well this year it's happened! A CX Nano RZ has been released and is hitting the shelves as we speak. The international target scene kicks off this weekend in Shanghai and no doubt we expect to see some good results from shooters with these arrows over the course of this season.
If you are looking for a new long range micro diametre target arrow give these a go.

Also coming out from CX is a new Nano 166 arrow. This is a new micro diametre arrow that's built to be high performance and a great price. Smaller than a Carbon One and with fantastic tolerances. This will be an incredible arrow for those who want to shoot with minimal wind drift without spending big money.

Carbon Express will be the choice in 2017.

Target Bows In Store

No where can you try the major target bows on the market in one place like you can at Urban Archery
Right now we have in store
Prime V2 39: The flagship Prime target bow as used by Dave Cousins. Super easy to setup and shoot. The Prime V2 has the new 82x riser making it stiffer and having less vibration than previous models.
Prime V2 36: A shorter axle version of the 39 but with all the same features. The 36 gives you a top end target bow in a smaller size. Good for shorter draws or those who simply like a shorter axle bow.
Mathews TRX 7 & 8: The latest in long axle to axle target bows from Mathews. In two brace height offerings. The 7 gives you more speed and the 8 more forgiveness. Already both models have been tearing up the tournament scene.
Mathews Halon X Comp: Mathew's mid-size target bow, the Halon X Comp is 37" axle to axle and incredibly stable.
Elite Victory: 39" Axle to Axle and just an easy bow to shoot. The Victory is stable and with the limb stops a super hard wall. You can customise the wall wiht the Oring kit in stock and the valley and letoff are easy to adjust as well.
Elite Victory 37: All the same features as the Victory but in a slightly shorter axle length for those that prefer that string angle.
Hoyt Prevail 37: SVX and X3 cam models in stock. This is the best Hoyt we have shot with everything they have learned all coming together into a great shooting bow. Easy to draw, lots of customisation and producing results.
Hoyt Prevail 40: For those who like a slightly longer bow, or need a longer draw length. In stock with the X3 cam.
Mybo Origin: Great customisation, great finish and easy to shoot. Customers have been raving about this bow and have seen huge jump in scores since moving to it.
Mathews Chill X: Personally I think this is the most under-rated bow ever. Those who own them love them and the results show. 35" Axle to Axle length makes it easy to control but the design leaves it as a stable easy to shoot bow.
PSE Xpression 3D: 36" axle length, however has the same riser platform as the Prevail 37. Great shooting bow that has a heap of features you won't find elsewhere.
PSE Supra: 37" axle length, consider it a non-shootthrough version of the Xpression.
Mathews Conquest 4: This bow is still winning and still in the current lineup, and we have quite a few secondhand ones in stock. Easy to draw, easy to shoot and just works.

As you can see, we have you covered!