Bow Backorder Information

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Bow companies work on “Build to Order” system and can sometimes take many weeks or months to fulfil.
Estimation dates given are “best guess” and actual shipping dates are not supplied by the manufacturers.

Some “non-standard” configurations can take longer to arrive. Staff will advise you if your request is likely to take longer.
We will not be held to deliver by these date estimations as we have no control over manufacturing.

By placing an order for a bow not in stock you are doing so understanding that it may take some time, many months in some cases, for delivery to be made.
By Placing the order and paying a deposit you do so understanding that:
• Delivery dates may be subject to change without notice.

• Your deposit is NOT refundable or transferrable.

Minimum Deposit amounts will be Bows Under $1000: $200
Bows Over $1000 and Under $2000: $400
Bows Over $2000: $600

If you choose to cancel the order there will be a Termination Fee
Bows Under $1000: $200
Bows Over $1000 and Under $2000: $400
Bows Over $2000: $600

While you wait for your bow you can pay more money towards the bow.

When ordering a bow you agree you understand these conditions.