Mission Craze II

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Powered by the F.I.T. (Focused Inertia Technology) Cam System, the Craze® II offers best in class performance to archers of all ages, sizes and abilities.
This hyper adjustable bow reaches draw lengths of 19-30 inches and 13-70 pounds of draw weight adjustment without the need of a bow press.
The new ergonomic grip and enhanced riser design adds strength and stability while reducing overall mass weight. Offering ten different color finishes, the Craze® II is sure to appeal to all shooter styles and preferences. Proudly Made in America and featuring a Lifetime Warranty, the Craze® II is an exceptional value bow

An optional Ready to Shoot Package is available at additional cost ($180) and includes:
3 Pin Sight
Black Bow Quiver
Whisker Biscuit Rest
Wrist Release
4 Carbon Arrows

You can select wether you want to add the RTS package in the drop down menu "Upgrade" after you have selected the bow colour and hand options. The price of the bow will change in your shopping cart if the RTS is chosen. 

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