Beiter Insert Super Nock Size Assymetric

Article number: Beiter 19/1-Solid Purple (Pale)-19/2
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The Beiter Insert-Nock is available in both the Beiter patented ASYMMETRIC shape, as well as in the SYMMETRIC Hunter-Nock. Remember to shoot with the Beiter logo on top!

Super nock size works on aluminium shafts with Uni Bushings 


The Beiter Nock is asymmetric, to adapt perfectly to the asymmetric drawn string. To ensure the Nock is placed correctly, see that the notch for the nocking point, looks to the front.

The bushing on the arrow shaft can easily be removed (by cutting the shaft approx. 1 cm or 1/2” from the end). Thanks to the direct fit, you reduce the tolerances to a minimum!
Use the Beiter Deburring Tool to edge-off the end of the shaft. Clean the cut surface of aluminum and aluminum-carbon shafts, before inserting the nock.

Do not use any solvents or solvent containing glues on Beiter Nocks. Install the nocks after cleaning the shaft and introducing the point.

Do not glue Beiter Nocks!

If the shaft diameter is a few hundreds of millimeter too big and the nock fits too loose, don't glue it! Compensate the gap with a small strip of teflon tape. (look at the left drawing on the bottom)

To install, remove or turn a Beiter Nock, use the Beiter Push’n’Pull: it gives a better grip and works as a small lever.


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