Beiter Insert Hunter Super Nock Size - ea

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The Beiter Hunter-Nock not like all other nocks asymmetric, but it is SYMMETRIC. The Beiter Hunter-Nock has been designed mainly for Compound archers, using a D-Loop on their string, being the only real symmteric way of shooting in archery. Instructions: Nock Some features of Beiter Hunter-Nocks, that differs them from nocks of other manufacturers: The Beiter Hunter-Nock was designed for Compound Archers with D-Loop. Hunter-Nocks are "symmetric" because only with this shooting style, release and nock are in one line, that means: this is the only symmteric way to shoot in archery! Each Nock size has only one single mould. This offers highest precision and lowest tolerances. Every single Nock of one size comes out of the same mould. The Hunter-Nock does not pinch on the nocking point, it rests there with a spring effect. The working life is therefore much higher and - very important - the Beiter Hunter-Nock guarantees constant release from the bowstring, shot after shot. The Beiter Hunter-Nock can be shot without problem with all known nocking points.
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